WBX UniPhone

Imagine one phone, full mobility, lower costs and increased workforce efficiency with ability to communicate anytime, anywhere via any network with no or minimal end-user behaviour changes. All users and organizations strive towards this goal in cost efficient ways while looking at their communications solutions.

With OptiMobile UniPhone for dual network capable devices this is reality. By completely integrating all telephony services in one client it relieves users from issues regarding selections and differences between cellular and WLAN networks for telephony. Any call at any time is seamlessly routed over the most optimal available carrier of the call regardless whether it is over the corporate WiFi (WLAN) network, cellular or other available WiFi network such as home based access points or HotSpots.

Users purchase mobile terminals equipped with WBX UniPhone through OptiMobile’s selected partners OptiMobile’s partners >>

Terminal producers, terminal distributors interested in WBX UniPhone may contact OptiMobile for an inquiry about partnership contact OptiMobile >>

WBX UniPhone



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